saying that i get annoyed is an understatement. i get annoyed. i get so lividly pissed sometimes, that i feel bad for whoever crosses my path. the path crossing people are usually those working at retail stores who think they are on some sort of high horse…solution? stop being a bitch. this usually ends in me screaming in this persons face and waving my hands and demeaning them until they apologize.

i could make a fortune off of an insult booth – pay me a dollar, i will insult you.

but i digress. lets stick to the topic at hand. me being annoyed. one of the things in life is hesitant highway drivers. i understand, you’re scared for whatever reason…well guess what? the slower and more hesitantly you drive; the more accidents you will cause. these are always the people who cause the accidents and seem very confused with how it happened. “but people were passing me on both sides, i HAD to slam on my brakes!” actually, you’re an idiot and probably shouldnt have a driver’s license. (see i-95 south bound)

another people being morons moment that i will never understand as long as i live – walking is hard. let’s go back to my facebook post this am. when people turn corners with a tight left turn and get surprised when they smack into the person WHO IS WALKING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE HALLWAY AND TURNING RIGHT TO AVOID THIS ONSLAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tight left turners – you don’t deserve a driver’s license. we live in america and you should understand basic maneuvering – walk. on. the. right. turn corners like we learned in kindergarten (wide left turns to stay on the right side of the hallway). guess what?!?!!? you won’t walk into someone; and even more surprising…you will get where you are going quicker and without an awkward interaction.

so let us list the things that are annoying me today:

  1. the way my clothes are hanging on my body today
  2. the way my hair looks. ya..straight, i know. but its annoying today.
  3. the way my makeup went on this am
  4. how i got a manicure on saturday and it is already chipped today
  5. my pedicure is totally screwed up and should not be a mess after two weeks
  6. i have a headache (most likely from being annoyed)
  7. the girl on the other side of my cubicle is getting over a cold. yesterday everyone stopped asking her how she is feeling. today, her cough has miraculously returned and sounds even worse than it did last week! stop coughing for attention. i hope you get sick again.

the thing that annoys me the most in the world, more than anything else that can ever happen is when i have to wait. i am a prompt person, and i spend so much time waiting. i wait for people to get ready, i wait for reponses on questions, i wait for appointments (what is the point in making them if you sit and wait). i feel like i set more than half of my days on fire just sitting and waiting. and on this note, i HATE when someone says they will do something, and then doesn’t do it. don’t say you’re going to take an initiative if you aren’t going to.

save everyone the heartache: don’t make promises you can’t keep and show up on time.