i have always had a soft spot in my heart for leftovers. i have some friends (those of which will remain anonymous) who dont eat leftovers! instead of bringing home the rest of a fabulous meal from a restaurant; they just discard the scraplings.

me: opposite.

when i enjoy a meal, i will literally eat it for days until it is gone. i could never imagine going to ruth’s chris to a) actually finishing my meal or b) not have it for lunch the next day! i take home appetizers, main courses and dessert. i could not even think of not enjoying my decadent chocolate cake for everything that it is worth! about a year ago (ugh), i was even exposed to the proper way to reheat your pasta leftovers so they dont dry out!

leftovers for me go beyond just restaurants.

the only way i will consume meatloaf is left over. bake it and stick it in the fridge to be cut and pan seared the next day; just enough to heat it all the way through and make a crunchy coating on the outside – yum!

any ground beef meal will last for a long time. cook ground beef…drain. then you make the magic happen: sloppy joes and chili anyone!? the core of these savory meals are left overs!

now, stop me if i am wrong – but if a meal is enjoyable once; it is enjoyable a second time…twice as nice…second helpings?