It is time to let my readers in on a dirty little secret: I never fully unpack. I have had my backpack packed with travel necessities for almost two years. Shampoo, face wash, toothbrush – anything you might need to grab and go.

Not unpacking has its ups and downs. I never have to think about packing these items when it’s time to go somewhere. And it doesn’t matter where – Pt. Pleasant, Florida, Virginia…wherever. Grab some extra clothes and my glasses and I’m out the door.

The drawback to this behavior is I’m slightly lazy when it comes to certain daily tasks. A lot of people will cringe that I don’t unpack, as they will put every item away as soon as arriving home post trip. Not me – my laziness prevails! It also leads in to other lazy behaviors. In comes the downside to never fully unpacking. Procrastination. In my head it will take just a short amount of time to pack since a significant portion of it is already done.

Not smart. And for a bright girl, you would think I have a handle on this by now. Nope. I will almost certainly wait for the last second to pack. But at least I know it’s only one or two bags that need packing!

Now if only I could prepack my shoes and not have to worry about footwear…