The beach; and more specifically – the solitude of the beach

Long drives


The way he stills looks at me; and then pretends he wasn’t

a good book

Clean sheets; especially after a long, hot shower

My nephews – all three of them. And all of their unconditional love

My betches

Stars – the ones in the sky on a clear night

Tiki Bar – Pt. Pleasant for those of you questioning this

The Beach Bar – Seaside


Dirty hair

A good, solid tan

Neutrogena Skin ID

My Zeno Hot Spot

Not wearing makeup

Chester House bar and the familiarities that go along with it


New clothes, shoes…hand bags…scarves, coats

Inappropriately wearing tank tops

When headbands fit my tiny head

Sun bleached hair

My iPhone

Christmas lights

Happy hour

That haunting smell

Eric Clapton – all and everything he has done. Solo, Cream and Derek and the Dominos. Layla still haunts me.