This road trip has proved to be everything that I thought it would be. Photo opportunities, gas station bathrooms and the highway.

Taking 95 down to Florida seemed like a huge deal when I was 8; but now that I drive it’s really not that big of a deal. Yes, we had ample time for reading and naps, but iPhone fun was the biggest form of entertainment (as it is right now too).

We are finally down to the end of the trip, 3 1/2 hours on one last highway. But getting to this point has been Dan adventure.

We must have seen about 80 billboards for south of the border in South Carolina…what a dump! But an exciting, shit collecting dump. Any crap collectors dream lies in that little patch of land directly off of the highway.


On top of this has been at least 15 trailer parks, all of which were decorated to the nines for Christmas. Right outside of one on the very strange highway we are currently on the drunkest driver I have ever seen popped a curb, hit another one, popped a tire and came to a skidding halt before hitting a sign. Classy!!

I will end this little aside to my life with the car in a ditch, crazy holiday music and lots of jersey rage in an extremely confined space.