I hate packing.

Leaving from jersey on Tuesday morning will be freezing, and arriving in Florida on Wednesday will be hot. Conundrum.

I need winter clothes, summer clothes, fall clothes and spring clothes! And we’re driving – blessing in disguise bc in my head there is tons of room, mom says pack light.

Not happening.

I said uggs, she looked at me like I had ten heads. Is it not cold out at night there right now?!

Hot during the day means I need bikinis and flip flops, but cold at night calls for jeans and a jacket. This weather is honestly screwing with my head to the point where I am going to probably get scolded like a child for packing more than one bag.

And I don’t even care. I was asked, “where will you put it all?” I have a room to myself. Prob solved. I was asked, “where will you put your uggs when you are not wearing them?” on the floor. Also solved. I was asked to prepare the travel mugs. I opened the cabinet door, took them out and put them on the counter.

Am I the crazy one? Because I feel like I am going crazy as I would rather have the proper clothing with me and not look like the insane person. With my family or not.

As I blog and run it out right now, I’m thinking of only more things I need to take – Italian girl has got to shave her legs.

I am sorry, sweet parents; but I am winning this one.