The holidays are so funny to me. Today I had a shoprite adventure so I could get cracking with my thanksgiving feast. Not only was it packed, but everyone was just sort of meandering around, very confused looking like they had never seen a can of soup before. I know it’s not a full moon, just full of crazies.

I do give thanks for many things through out this year, which I will not get in to today… But mostly just that the awfulness of 2011 is OVER! I always give thanks to my bday being before the new year to start a new; also will get in to this at another time (soon too, scary thought).

Chocolate chip cookies, pecan pie and brownies. And I put the turkey in the brine. Now I’m exhausted and waiting for the baking extravaganza to end!

Maybe I’m just one of the crazies… Kyle would agree.