So today I was asked a very philosophical question: what are your bones? My first reaction was, WTF?!

Then we broke it down: pick one tangible object to describe your funny bone, your back bone and your wish bone.

Here’s what I got:

Wish Bone
This is comprised of sparkle. As this is kind of a blanket statement, let me explain. I wish for everything around me to sparkle. I want the world to be one of those things you get at the circus with all the lights and the whisker things coming off of it that you spin around and it changes colors. I want everything I touch to be covered in tinsel. I want to sprinkle fairy dust on everyone around me so only sunny good thoughts shine through.

Funny Bone
Absolut Vodka. Little bit of sprite, little bit of grenadine. I share the cherries they put in there (like, the actual maraschino cherries). You can guess what happens after a few of those.

Back Bone
Acid. If you feel compelled to mess with me, I can leave scars.

Think about this one!