I’m hate to admit it; but my life revolves around my tv shows. Not only do I plan around them, but I spend way too much time balancing my DVR so I don’t miss anything. And still I watch the on demand catch up all the time. It’s actually ridiculous.

Now, I can’t mentally watch anything that requires too much of an attention span or thinking. After work and the gym I just want to sit on my ass and do nothing.

And so I do.

Sitcoms get me through my week, as I wait for them daily to give me dry humor and some good laughs. Cooking shows make me hungry and are great because not much thought really goes into watching them. Reality shows are not my fav, and I am very picky about them. BUT REALITY COOKING SHOWS! Love them.

Not only do I watch tv at night, but my mornings are not complete without home improvement in my life. When saved by the bell stopped airing a few months ago, I thought I would die. But alas, Tim Allen was welcome in to my life with fresh batteries in my remote.

It is now 8 pm and I need to get into my worn in spot on the couch to get all the mindless drivel into my life.