I hate coming to the doctor. I feel like if I’m not that sick, I’m just going to become sick. I also pray that I’m infected somehow so I’ll get some meds and actually feel better. It’s a very intuitive process.

Now, another thing that gets me. My appointment was made at a set time so I could actually get on with my life. Not sit in a waiting room just to be called in a half hour late. And have the people who came in after me get called ahead of me. And have said man argue with the receptionist to fill out the regulatory forms. Just sign the damn paper, dude.

I will even guarantee that once I get called back to the examining room, I will have to wait another 20 minutes for the doctor to come in, not listen to a word I have to say and then change all my symptoms around to confuse me. I don’t get your medical jargon. I don’t even think you know what you are talking about.

AND for that matter, the damn receptionists always give you so much attitude that you can’t just hop up from your desk and run to the doctor’s office in like ten minutes. Like sorry to inconvenience you. I would love to take my germs elsewhere.

I have extremely important tasks at hand tonight; pumpkin decorating and packing and bathing, duh.

I have now been waiting long enough to blog.