Well my fancy new iPhone update is not allowing me to upload my picture of my first apple pie, so hopefully you can see that on my Facebook…

After the apple picking adventure with Matt; we decided that with our bountiful harvest of apples, it only made sense to bake! Matt is a great sous chef, learning early on that if you help; you eat. I must say, I probably could have done better at the first attempt. My moms famous baking words, “I swear is tastes better than it looks”. And boy is that apple pie baller. Dad would say, “pretty good for amateurs”.

I just quoted both my parents in one paragraph. Mom – I know you’re reading this, so you’re famous now.

So now this fancy update that took three hours and my eyes are burning out of my head and I’m too tired to play with my phone. My new phone because my old one broke at the giants / Seahawks game. Sad day. New phone.

Get apple care. Now.

But I can’t upload pictures to WordPress. Bad login information? I’m writing this blog? I’m too blonde and tired for technology. I need an apple nerd in my life to explain things to me.

But I am SUPER excited for apple cloud!