the time has come, the walrus said…

well, not really; but last weekend started the fall officially. i put skinny jeans on my legs and uggs on my feet. i have made the statement many times before, i am  not a fan of the winter months. i want to be in a tank and flip flops and be warm; but i do enjoy my winter clothes.

i made a declaration (as i do every year) that flip flops will be on my feet until october; but i broke this rule with oktoberfest this year. close enough, right? i whined and complained about my clothing choice the enitre night, but as it got to be deeper into the evening and quite cold outside; i was happy with my choice of uggs.

my toasty toes were keeping my soul warm, and the suede protector was saving my wonderful australian footware from the pumpkin beer i was enjoying a bit too much.

my final declaration will be to the world today, on this hot nasty humid fall day (warm enough for shorts, a tank and flip flops) is that putting those beautiful shoes on my feet has only forced me to NEED grey uggs. and the new grey and pink northface i saw on the website. and a new grey jacket. and a brown northface. and some steel colored nail polish. and a pedicure. new jeans. new leggings.