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new york new york.

this is the ballad i sang this weekend. after a rainy friday going to see anderson cooper (silvahhhh fox!!) i got to partake in america’s past time. das yankees. this is the way the city looked for two days. yuck. BUT FUNNNN!!!!!

lets begin with that silver fox, mr. anderson cooper. he was breathtaking. the show has a goofy topic, but his studio is beautiful, looking out over columbus circle. you can see the street with people walking, the weather and traffic. AWESOME.

caite and i had fun running around the city and drinking in a silly bar called the three monkeys. our favorite past time is having the bar tenders make us an inventive drink. friday was absolut shots. fun.

saturday came the yankees vs. sox game – we killed it.  no rain (yay!) and a train and shopping adventure. i saw a yankees stadium sunset for the very first time! matt saw times square for the first time!

after this very successful weekend; i am lazy and tired and eating and watching football. so i put it out there to the blogging world; what can i do next weekend?!