today is september 11. the 10th anniversary. i refuse to be upset; but i will remember. we sat in second period health class that morning, new wingof the high school (we had air conditioning!). we were told to put on the news. and we watched. all day. remembering (bc we will never forget).

yesterday was jazzfeast in princeton. this is one of the many street fairs and events that take place in this iconic town. while i probably take all of this for granted (free beers and awesome food), it is good to be involved because i dont know when it will be taken away from me. this morning i downloaded a walgreens for iphone app and sent my summer pictures to be printed so i can pick them up tomorrow. let me say that again, from my phone sitting at the breakfast table i sent my summer collage photos to walgreens in hillsborough so i can pick them up. it took five minutes. i love technology. this year started out as the worst in my life. getting burned worse than i ever have by an ex and losing a truly close loved one. this summer snapped me out of my rutt, one i thought i would never be able to get away from. now, why i cant really get away from the whole explosion of early 2011, i figure six months of awfulness can be turned around. so now let me share what a fun summer can do to get you to say…fuck you.

 shore trip with caite and liz. caite had never seen the jersey shore house in person. we showed her and found our very own guidos!  

princeton street fair with liz (we found nay a little later!). there were kids in the streets doing chalk drawings. they were awesome! we had a day of shopping and buying things we didnt need (typical). also ran into many, many crazies.   

 backstreet boys and new kids on the block concert. held a grudge for 20 years because i wasnt allowed to see nkotb when i was 4. epic.   

trip to virginia to see gina and the fam. brian made an awesome meal (as always!) and frankie was more out of control then ever…in a good way of course. he is one of the goofiest kids i have ever been around. i just adore him.   

 4th of july…missed the tubing trip and made up for it with drinking games that were made up that day. cubby just wanted to play!  

 never see a sky like this in the winter.  

new bike! been going on a lot of bike rides around the neighborhood. this is on the sidewalk on my ride. clearly we moved into these houses in the 80s.


went on a really fun fishing trip. caught crabs. like the bottom feeder kind.


 played a great deal of sports this summer. mostly the cup kind.