As my sabbatical comes to an end and I take off my pink nail polish, I need to get my shit together for Tuesday. I’m banking in the weather being shitty tomorrow do I can do some damage control. I have also made a few lists:

1. Back to school list –
– set up the weeks worth of clothing including but not limited to shoes and accessories
– get gym schedule set up

2. Princeton list –
– small world coffee is a must all week, need to remember to hit the ATM as it is cash only
– ticos and my dear jose are returning to my life for smoothies and good company
– I need the three salad thing for lunch from olives
– prepare myself for the inevitable, and the void that will soon by filled that I have comfortably and happily been living without



MUST RETURN TO THE GYM AND STOP DRINKING. LIFE WILL SNAP OUT OF THE CURRENT SHAMBLE STATUS IT IS IN. except for the divine light that entered directly upon the start of sabbatical.

End of sabbatical.