if redbull didnt exist; i may not either. and not just redbull…5 hour energy shots, monster; even those starbucks drinks. sometimes i try to take on the day without coffee, and then i find myself sucking down anything with caffeine…cherry coke / pepsi being my most sought after soda.

energy drinks and soda are supposed to rot out your teeth or whatever, so i drink them with a straw. i feel like it has the same effect that drinking vodka through a straw does – instant gratification. its like one huge head rush as quickly as possible. this, i like.

one of the things about energy drinks that i like the most is that everyone has their drink. some people, it is only 5 hour energy shots. i know some people who will only drink redbull; others only sugar free redbull. no one is a huge monster drinker; but there are the starbucks obsessed coffee drinkers. one in particular person has a starbucks formula. based upon which type of coffee they are serving at any given moment, there is an exclusive sugar and half and half mixture added for the caffeinated perfection.

while my energy drinks are not as exclusive as most; i do only consume certain drinks at times of the day. mornings are coffee; home brew or skinny vanilla latte (depends on how the coffee is being administered). afternoons during work are exclusively sugar free redbulls. on days that i am not at work, my afternoon pick me up ranges anywhere from skinny vanilla latte to the coffee flavored monster drinks; sometimes with a starbucks energy drink depending on how i feel. nighttime is only 5 hour energy, especially on down the shore and bar nights.

seeing the energy drink reactions from my peers is always my favorite part of the evening out. that may sound really weird, but i pay way too much attention to the world around me. so as i finish my cup of coffee and get ready for my workout, i challenge the blogging world to go try some energy drinks and prepare to build a bridge.