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Although I do hate tan lines, sitting at a resort pool makes them an okay phenom. While I have spent countless hours drinking on beaches and sleeping away my hangovers in the sun with my girls, nothing can beat sitting alone in solitude with a book in the sunshine and the best Australian Gold sunblock made.

I have been joking that I need a vacation from my vacation. All this sun and relaxing is actually making me tired! Naps and iPods make for an awesome afternoon with a refreshing pool right at your feet…literally.

Tonight is the seafood buffet with fresh fish of the day and fried to perfection choices. Drinks are half price ($2.50 a drink!!!) and I even got to run around the flea market during the early afternoon downpour.

While Florida is as promising as it always is for sunshine and family time, I am quite looking forward to coming home and wasting some time with jersey activities. On Sunday it is a toss up between new york and the shore, all weather depending, with a fun outgoing friend who actually likes to go out and NOT sit and drink in a basement.

What I am looking forward to the most is one of my oldest and favorite friends has returned to Hillsborough and I have a promise of wasting time and beer…or jack.

Vacation from vacation is wonderful, but I am definitely looking forward to getting back to my vacation and all of the exciting news that I have learned while being away.