packing light does not exist in my world. I had to walk onto a plane today with one carry on to contain all of my belongings for a week. Not that I want to make a big deal out of going on vacation, because I am happy to be in Florida, I promise; but I need a lot of things. Washing machine aside, I just want to bring all the things I need with me.

Another annoying thing is charging to check bags. I can’t bring more than a 3 oz container on a plane, so I buy everything upon destination. Or I bring it all and pay to check my bag? Don’t understand. This is why I like road trips. The whole plane had carry on bags and it took almost an hour to board the plane and a long time to get off the plane. It’s like cattle.

I am now sitting at my grandfathers house covered in bugbites and loopy on benedryl. Also in the process of trying to figure out this wordpress iPhone app for easy blogging. Hope it works! I have a big surprise coming later this week.