i suppose an introduction of sorts is necessary. i am currently 24 years old, out of work and floating through my life with little guidance – and i could not have asked for a better situation. the job thing is actually kind of a fantastic scenario. i do have a job, i am just taking an extended vacation: i like to think of it as a sabbatical. not only have i decided to take it from work, but i am taking this next month (i return to work on september 6th) to relax, tan and clear my head. i have a stack of books ready to be read and a deck ready to be used…and beers ready to be drunk. so lets start in where all my head clearing needed to be done: january 2011.

2010 was awesome; 2011 started off with a horrible breakup. lets call him x. x was everything that i could have asked for: really funny and goofy, a blast to drive around with, lazy enough to sit on the couch with me all winter and watch bad movies, motivated enough to come up with surprises and the sweetest, kindest man i could have found. now i get to compare everyone to him. FML. the thing i hate the most is that he pretends to be a badass and not a really good person – which he is not a badass and he really is a good person.

at the same time this whole ordeal exploded, my grandma became diagnosed with brain cancer…same week actually. real nice, x. grandma suffered and it made us all really sad, and he has since passed away (in april). it makes me feel really good that i get to be her namesake because she was an awesome woman; but it also makes me feel really good because i know that she lived a really fun and exciting and full life. my grandparents used to travel all over europe, grandma had four kids and she got to meet my nephew – her great grandson. grandma will leave a lifetime of a lasting impression. i am in the midst of ripping apart my entire bedroom to pack for a visit to m grandfather in florida; first visit to the house without grandma.

so after this debacle i went on a few months of binging on alcohol and shopping. this clearly, was not the answer. i happened upon a gym binge and lost the boyfriend layer to prepare myself for the summertime and the beach. there has since been some partying, an epic OAR concert, plenty of days wasted at the beach and in bars. i have decided to share it all. keep posted for my thoughts on life and my shenanigans.