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I think about weird things, I really do.

Like what happens when all of the possible combinations of URLs runs out? Or combinations of notes for music?

What will happen when all of the trees in the world are gone? Or when landfills take over because people refuse to put their glass and plastic bottles in the recycling?

Will a pill ever be created to make people cancer free, skinny or that will rid them of their allergies? Does this pill exist? Are people hiding it to try and encourage a real kind of health?

Is a distribution of wealth really going to happen? What happens when the hard working people have to give up what they earned to someone who chooses not to work?

What about when (or if) Netflix really does take over? Will it end up costing me as much as Comcast does?

If toasters are supposed to safely toast your various thin pastries; then how come the pop-up thingy never actually pops up enough to get your food out without burning yourself?

And how come, with all of the advances in technology, I am still bored with the Internet?

I just don’t know.


Wasting Time or Time Wasted?


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Wasting time is a form of art.

Getting comfortable with snacks and a beverage, finding something good to watch on TV and making sure your phone is fully charged. Kicking back and relaxing, and wasting time is such an important aspect of life – and it is definitely not wasted time.

There are always those people out there who claim they don’t have time to kick back and relax or turn off their minds, but it is the exact same excuse as “I don’t have time to go to the gym.” There is always time to be wasted.

Turning off from reality keeps me sane. It keeps me happy and fulfilled, and after learning how to say “no” to people, I really can enjoy my “me” time.

So what is the difference of wasting time and time wasted? Let’s review:

Wasting Time:

  • Something that makes you smile
  • Something that lets you rest
  • Something that allows you to turn off (especially from work)
  • A de-stressor: a walk, a nap, etc.

Time Wasted:

  • Worrying or being angry about things that are out of your control
  • Trying to please someone or people that will never be satisfied
  • Attempting to impress others when it is not for your own good
  • Doing things that you really just don’t want to do

More recently, one of my favorite ways to tally up my wasting time hours is to count the number of times per week that someone says something snarky to me or acts or speaks superior to me (you know when you laugh to yourself and smile and kill ‘em with kindness) and multiply that by the number I deem necessary for that week…you know like just, whatever. Usually works out to a few hours that I kill completely guilt free enjoying myself over the weekend.

Guilt free being the key.

Peanut Butter


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When all else fails, eating peanut butter makes it all okay. Peanut butter is a catalyst of good nature. It can also be an element of any meal.

Hungry? Eat peanut butter.

Bored? Peanut butter takes at least fifteen minutes to get out of your teeth.

Need a bribe? Not many people will turn down a treat that includes peanut butter!

Another fantastic element of peanut butter is its cost. It’s cheap! A banana with peanut butter is like thirty-five cents – if that! I mean, this is if you bring them from home; buying it might cost a bit more; but still not a bank breaker.

Peanut butter also can make a boring sauce for meat taste exciting and different. It can be prepared with a gluteny breakfast treat to start off the day!It’s even good straight out of the jar – a big ol’ spoonful of the butta’.

Peanut butter is also filling and satisfying. It’s loaded with protein and has a tiny bit of a salty bite. The crunchy variety also makes it a little exciting to eat.

You can mix peanut butter with honey and cinnamon to pair with a dessert – pastry or frozen.

Did you know that peanut butter is even fun to make?! A food processor and some peanut oil and big bag of nuts (and honestly, some salt) is all you need for a fun-filled afternoon and a tasty treat. Bake it into cookies and call yourself Betty Crocker, girlfriend!

Or…you know, Manly Chef – whichever you prefer.

Skimm Day


Do you get tired of reading the news? I sure do! I discovered The Skimm – a newsworthy informational spectacle for the attention-deficit millennials that we are.

With short, concise and high level news delivery (via e-mail, so you are totally not web-searching, either!) you are just informed enough to know what people are talking about.

The Skimm comes out Monday – Friday (they do give themselves holidays off – YOU GO GLENN COCO!) and never fails to deliver.

I also LOVE the birthday announcements at the bottom of each VERY IMPORTANT NEWS BRIEF. Sign-up; you will find you are rubbing Internet-elbows with the rich and famous.

Sign-up here:

Marking Papers


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When I was a kid and asked my dad what he did as his job, his answer was always the same: “I mark papers.”

This gave no explanation of what he did as a job, and while I can spit out his title like I can any episode of Friends, I still have no idea what he actually does.

But the point of all of this is that I get what he means by “marking papers”. In a world of computers and the Internet (even though in the 90s I would guess that he had sort form of a dinosaur computer) I do actually, mark papers.

I mark my weekly calendar that I print out on Monday.

I mark notes in my notebook.

I scribble down messages on post-its.

I mark papers.



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The universe says we change, right?

I think in some cases, yes. I think people are generally the same – you know like once a douchebag probably always a douchebag?  But I also think that people can become better…sometimes.

But changing doesn’t have to be this huge thing. It can be small things. It can be making you happier. Changing your priorities. Keepin’ it realer.

I have decided (not for the new year, like a few months ago) to change my priorities. I am now 27 years old, putting me in my late twenties (barf) and I made the changes to adulthood.

My boyfriend, Blue Eyes, and I have an actual real relationship where we help each other out, even if it puts us out. In 27 years this is something I have not exactly experienced.

I don’t drink. Wine with dinner doesn’t count, but even that is hardly ever. Sure, sometimes I do…maybe once every three months – but drinking too much to me now is having like two glasses of wine. I made my priority to give those empty drinking calories to good tasting foods – and desserts!

I don’t kill myself working out anymore. I exercise; but it isn’t the top priority of my day now. If I get to it, that’s great – if I don’t then so be it.

I make time for me during my days. Even if that is taking a walk or turning off my phone which really upsets some people. Time to yourself is a huge priority. Even with a significant other, you need YOU time; because no one else can give you that.

I drink less caffeine. This is a hard one! One cup of coffee a day is plenty – and this includes tea and soda.

Essentially, my biggest priority change has been from “LET’S HAVE FUNNNN” to “time is chill out and enjoy the things that I have”.

I Want a Revolution


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If there is one thing in the world that doesn’t tickle my fancy; it is Negative Nancy’s.

A Debbie Downer I can deal with – spouting out fun, of not weird, facts. But the Negative Nancy is a killer.

What is it about some people? You probably know the kind, the refuse to accept other’s happiness. They tout on your decisions, mock the things you talk about. Try to underhandedly push you down.

Or my personal favorite; ignore the things you are saying, then pick on the one thing they gather while putting the negative tone on it like I’m an idiot: “um…why wouldn’t it?”

WELL NO MORE! Call is a New Year’s Resolution; but I am refusing these types of horrific people this year. In the past I have made snide or even snarky, remarks back…but this year is the year of the deadly smile.

Kill ‘em with kindness.

Don’t let the haters keep you from doin’ your thang.

Dance like EVERYONE is watching.